Consultancy on visa extension, visa application for foreigners, vietnamese citizens with foreign nationality in the fastest time


Consultancy on visa extension, visa application for foreigners, vietnamese citizens with foreign nationality

As Vietnam integrates into the global economy, international migration is a concern of many countries. Vietnam is also one of the destinations and choices of foreigners (tourism, labor, marriage). However, for foreigners to want to enter and exit Vietnam, it is necessary to have a passport or a valid document in lieu of a passport and must have a visa issued by a competent Vietnamese state agency, unless exempted from visa.

What is Visa?

A visa (also known as a visa or entry visa) is a stamp in a passport showing that an individual is allowed to enter a country. In addition, there are some countries that do not require a visa in some cases, often as a result of a compromise between that country and the applicant’s country.

What types of visas are there?

Immigrant Visa: Used to enter and settle in a country under the categories of parents sponsoring children, spouses …

Non-immigrant visa: Use to enter a country for a period of time, including the following types:

  • Travel
  • Work, work.
  • Business.
  • Treatment and treatment.
  • Seasonal labor.
  • Study.
  • Exchange programs.
  • Diplomacy, politics.

Why should you use the legal service of your Private Attorney?

Luật Sư Riêng is one of the leading law firms in Vietnam with a team of professional lawyers with many years of experience in the field of individual visas, Labor, Investment especially for students and work permit application with foreign elements. Luật Sư Riêng Law Firm is responsible for advising clients on the basic provisions on procedures for issuing visas / working visas for foreigners in Vietnam, advising on visa extension for foreigners.,

Consultancy on visa extension, visa application for foreigners, vietnamese citizens with foreign nationality

Understanding customers’ needs, Luật Sư Riêng Law Firm provides “Visa extension, visa application for foreigners and Vietnamese with foreign nationality”. ”To help customers troubleshoot the issue:

  • Consult the conditions for foreign workers to be granted visas.
  • Advice on visa change purpose for foreigners.
  • Consult the procedures for issuance of labor visas for foreigners who are in Vietnam.
  • Guide customers to prepare the necessary papers and documents to apply for visas for foreign workers.
  • Consult visa extension for foreigners.
  • Consult legal documents to prepare foreigners to apply for a work visa for foreigners.
  • Advice on electronic visa procedures at the request of foreigners.
  • On behalf of customers, perform visa procedures at competent state agencies.

With the powers and responsibilities committed, Luật Sư Riêng Law Firm with a team of experienced Lawyers and leading experts in the field of proceedings, litigation representation, personal legal advice and businesses, domestic and foreign investment advisory and business management consultant will advise and comprehensively solve customer requirements.

We always guarantee a reasonable consulting service fee, consistent with the interests of the parties.


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