Consultancy on foreign related divorce


Consultancy on foreign related divorce

In Vietnam, in recent years, along with the expansion of international cooperation, along with the development of international cooperation in many fields such as economy, politics, society, together with the development and cross-cultural interplay, there is a growing presence of foreign-family relationships. However, the personal relationship with foreign elements raises certain complications and troubles in identifying and resolving issues related to divorce and marriage. The goal of marriage is a happy, harmonious family life. However, married life does not always meet the needs of both men and women. This is due to one reason or another that the marriage has ended up broken, leading to them having to choose a divorce solution. The purpose of marriage is to build a family on the basis of the voluntary will of the couple. However, when that marriage cannot exist in reality, the issue of divorce is essential, it will help a spouse legally free. The divorce is the termination of the spousal relationship on the basis of law by a court judgment or decision.

Consultancy on foreign related divorce

Luật Sư Riêng is one of the leading law firms in Vietnam with a team of professional lawyers with many years of experience in the field of family marriage, especially for foreign-related divorce cases. LSR is responsible for advising clients on the basic provisions on the procedures for marriage with foreign nationals in Vietnam and assisting clients to obtain single certificates.

You do not understand and need advice about divorce procedures for foreigners and all legal issues related to divorce? Luật Sư Riêng Law Firm provides “Divorce with foreign elements” service to help clients solve problems.

  • Consulting on the law on divorce involving foreign elements
  • Consulting on the competence to settle divorces involving foreign elements when the involved parties reside in foreign countries or have properties in foreign countries
  • Advice on cases where the foreign defendant resides or does not have a place of residence or office based in Vietnam.
  • Counseling on divorce with foreigners due to abuse, mistreatment, insulting honor, dignity, infidelity and other reasons for divorce.
  • Advice on div
  • orce with foreigners in case their husband or wife is missing.
  • Advice on common children, step children, custody of children, alimony divorce with foreigners.
  • Advice on common property, private property when divorced with foreigners and resolving disputes of such properties.
  • Advice to guide customers to prepare and complete the divorce file with foreign elements.
  • Consulting on filing and protecting the interests of customers at the Court level.
  • Legal advice to customers and track records in the entire process of resolving the case.


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