Inheritance property disputes involving foreign elements


Inheritance property disputes involving foreign elements

Inheritance is the legal right of each person. The settlement of the will with foreign elements sometimes leads to conflicts between rights and obligations with constituencies. To avoid unnecessary troubles or solving problems that relate to the property while you got a right of succession; We need to understand how the issues of inheritance property disputes in the country are regulated by civil law and in what form?

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Inheritance property disputes involving foreign elements
Inheritance property disputes involving foreign elements

You need to understand, Inheritance property disputes are the fact that the parties in the inheritance relationship under the law or inheritance under the will can not agree with each other an agreement on how to divide the inheritance. inheritance property disputes involving foreign elements is one organ of inheritance disputes, and To differ in degree and nature of complexity.

Cases in which the inheritance relationship contains foreign elements:

  • The testator is Vietnamese people residing abroad.
  • The heir to a property are foreigners or Vietnamese people residing abroad.
  • There are grounds to establish, change, or terminate the inheritance relationship according to foreign law.
  • Inheritance overseas.

From the above cases, LSR Group will provide customers the services of “split an inheritance, dispute resolution of the right of inheritance, inheritance ranks, inheritance, Validity of wills ” involving foreign elements ” :

  • Law consulting, determining inheritance rights according to regulations law;
  • Counseling on determining legal or illegal inheritance according to the law of inheritance;
  • Advice to determine inheritance goods to divide the inheritance. To settle disputes over the division of inheritance according to law, division; inheritance by testament among co-heirs;
  • Negotiation between the parties, mediate, negotiate “involving foreign elements”;
  • Based on the writings, the proof of customers. Our lawyers will evaluate and analyze the dispute comprehensively. Offer the specific most beneficial options in the process of negotiation and reconciliation with the other party. Help or stands in for the clients draft documents and papers related to the dispute resolution to send to the competent authority related to the case;

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