Introduce about Private Law Firm


Introduce about Private Law Firm

Private Lawyers Group was formed by Lawyers, jurists, local and international consultants; knowledgeable about Law, Finance, Economy, Trade, … Knock off business, effectively, and enthusiastically. We always have a high opinion of each member of the company about provide Investment Consulting services to customers.

The operation fields of Private Lawyers Group:

The Private Lawyer Group was active in many areas such as participate in legal proceedings, Legal representative, personal and corporate legal consultancy, domestic and foreign Investment Consulting Services, management consultancy, etc.

The Private Lawyer Group provides consulting services, Settling customer’s difficulties and problems, check the information on relating to an investment activity shall be subject to the laws, proactively quickly, and keep clients posted about risks mass and dangers to give effective solutions to solve the problem.

Our Private Lawyer company’s Principles of Operation:

Following the slogan “Helping you to succeed”, we provide advice and solutions, but it doesn’t naked lose the harmony, matching with the client’s rights and legitimate interests, Conformity to Vietnam law: 

1. Always put clients’ sake on top.

We understand that the success of the company is embodied in the value of the work we bring to customers.

2. Working principle:

Independent, objective, confidential, proactive, friendly, professional, and respectful of professional ethics.

3. The manpower staff of Private Lawyer Group:

Lawyers, Lawyers, Professional Counselors, dynamic, prestigious, caring, have a work ethic.

4. In Work:

The requirements of the customers are analyzed, evaluated, and implemented by us. In the process of finishing our tasks, customers will be regularly announced about the rate of progress, have access to a legal expert, help customers secure about the quality of services. At the same time, customers will be consulted regularly by experts in the problem-solving process to achieve the best results.

Private Lawyer Group gives belief to clients through supports and consultation. We understand: “A good relationship has to be founded on trust and work completion”

Introduce about Private Law Firm
Introduce about Private Law Firm

5. Commitment

Providing free legal documents related to the client’s field of activities and will be quickly in response to an email. Update on the website is also the strength of Private Lawyer Group.

We always ensure reasonable consulting service fees, in line with the interests of the parties.


Address: no. 16 Nguyen Quy Canh Street, An Phu Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 1900252503

Email: i[email protected]



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