Rights and obligations of foreign investors in vietnam


Rights and obligations of foreign investors in vietnam

In recent years, Vietnam is still a potential market attracting many foreign investors in a series of different business fields. In particular, in 2019, the top 10 industries attracting foreign investment must include:

  • Processing and manufacturing industries;
  • Real estate business;
  • Wholesale, retail and repair of vehicles;
  • Professional and scientific activities;
  • Finance, banking, and insurance;
  • Producing and distributing electricity, gas and water;
  • Build;
  • Information and communication;
  • Accommodation and catering services;
  • Transport and storage.

It is expected that in 2020, these industries will continue to have the advantage and attract capital from foreign investors. However, in order to make a successful and effective business investment, in addition to researching the business market, understanding Vietnamese laws on investment is extremely important. .

Rights and obligations of foreign investors in vietnam
Rights and obligations of foreign investors in vietnam

One of the issues foreign investors are concerned about is their rights and obligations when making investments in Vietnam, in other words what they are allowed to do and what they are required to do. Understanding this will help investors feel secure in project implementation and ensure the legality of investment activities while minimizing risks when implementing the project. To help Clients more conveniently in the search process, Luat Su Rieng would like to synthesize and send to Clients some relevant information as follows:

Rights of investors:

  • Carrying out investment and business activities in industries and trades that are not prohibited by law;
  • Self-deciding on business investment activities in accordance with the laws; to access and use credit capital sources, support funds, and use land and other resources in accordance with the law;
  • Choosing investment form in accordance with the law: establishing an economic organization, contributing capital, buying shares, buying capital contribution, signing BCC contract, PPP of all kinds;
  • Transferring investment projects, adjusting content investments (objectives, size, location, investors, investors …)
  • Termination of investment project;
  • Proposal for investment incentives and enjoy investment incentives in accordance with the law.

Obligations of the investors:

  • Carry out registration procedures for account granting to use on National Foreign Investment Information System.
  • Declare and pay all taxes in accordance with the law;
  • Compliance with legal regulations during the implementation of investment projects in Vietnam such as: labor law, legal environment, tax law, construction, land, social insurance, intellectual property wisdom…;
  • Deposit for project implementation (if any);
  • Compliance with reporting mode;
  • Satisfy the conditions for conditional investment and trading industries and trades and maintained throughout production and business activities.


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