Legal consultancy on debt collection claims


Legal consultancy on debt collection claims

During the business process, in  case the enterprises neglect its bad debt collection activity, it will seriously affect the business plan and cause great losses or even bankruptcy. However, how enterprises can collect part or all of the bad debts quickly, efficiently and least costly, it will be a long road to go; especially for foreign-owned or foreign-related enterprises.

Debt recovery is the fact that creditors request debtors to pay debts or other property that are due or overdue under an agreement between the creditor and the debtor or under a mandatory decision issued by the court.

There are many different ways for debt collection. Whatever way is chosen has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is necessary to master some experiences in making a decision on taking a legal action in debt collection.

Legal consultancy on debt collection claims
Legal consultancy on debt collection claims

To take legal action in lawsuit is considered as the last measure. The enterprises tend to take this action when there is no other choice in debt collection. Several enterprise have hired a Luat Su Rieng (LSR) Law Firm to help them during the litigation process because they realize the advantages when their attorneys with good expertise to deal with the debtors. The benefits the enterprise can get when they hire a lawyer may be concretized as follows:

  • The lawyer has enough expertise and experience in (i) collecting efficient evidences to ensure the legality of the creditor’s the legitimate rights against the debtor’s counter claims and in (ii) working with the judges and the debtor’s lawyers;
  • Lawyers’ legal fee are not high in comparison with the material value the creditor will receive in the lawsuit;
  • LSR Law Firm is one of the leading law firms in Vietnam with a team of professional lawyers with many years of experience in real estate, intellectual property, and corporate governance; especially for cases related to disputes and civil proceedings: litigation for debt recovery. The lawyer will advise the creditor business legally to evaluate the debt collection on potential contractual disputes, quickly resolve related documents and documents …

Understanding customers’ needs, LSR Law Firm provides a service “Legal advice on debt collection lawsuit” to help clients troubleshoot the problem:

  • Advice on debt collection documents and procedures arising from borrowing, borrowing property but not paying
  • Advice on debt collection procedures arising from contract breaches
  • Consult on debt collection procedures arising from non-contractual responsibilities
  • Join the lawsuit on behalf of the customer when there is a court summons
  • Guiding customers to request judgment enforcement

With strong commitments and responsibilities, LSR Law Firm with a team of experienced lawyers and leading experts in the field of participation in litigation, litigation representation, personal legal advice and businesses, domestic and foreign investment consulting, business management consulting will advise and comprehensively solve customer requirements. We always ensure reasonable consulting service fees, in line with the interests of the parties.

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