Intel group will expand investment in Vietnam


Intel groupwill expand investment in Vietnam

After an investment of $ 1 billion in a factory in Vietnam, Intel is planning to invest even more in Vietnam in the coming years.

Information is shared by Mr. Kim Huat Ooi who is The Vice President and General Director of Intel Products Vietnam Co., Ltd. at the Ho Chi Minh City – USA Business Forum Online Conference, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary diplomatic relations were established this morning, August 25 in Ho Chi Minh City.

“We are in a position to prepare to invest an even larger amount in the coming years. The export value of the Intel Vietnam factory is $ 3.6 billion,” he said. In the coming time, this number will increase even more. The company also intend to focus on developing middle and senior leaders “.

Mr. Ooi also highly appreciated Vietnam’s business environment. Intel is the first high-tech company to have an investment of over $ 1 billion in HCMC. This is a huge success. We have even bigger visions in the near future.

Intel group will expand investment in Vietnam
Intel group will expand investment in Vietnam

There are reasons that Intel chose Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam to invest. The story of the Covid-19 pandemic is a very typical example. Vietnam has acted very quickly and having the  strong policies. Even with the second pandemic outbreak, the Government is also speedy in controlling the epidemic

“The Company’s operations in the half of 2020 remain stable, production volume increases by 30%, contributing to 3/4 of our total production volume. This is an amazing number. Intel cannot do this without the support of Vietnam, ”he stressed.

Intel has also invested US $ 25 million in 8 universities in Ho Chi Minh City, working with more than 700 female students. With this foundation, Intel has built the Vietnamese factory into the largest Intel assembly and testing plant in the world. The company has created 5000 high-skill jobs. In particular, Intel produced 2 billion products in March this year, which means that every second, the company produces 25 units of products that are semiconductor chips, computer processing chips and devices.

Fact: In early 2006, Intel announced a $ 300 million investment project to build new facilities including a Chip Assembling and Testing Plant at the Saigon Hi-Tech Park. In November 2006, Intel Products Vietnam officially announced to increase the factory size from 14,000 m2 to 46,000 m2, and increase the total investment to $ 1 billion. The factory officially started to operate in June 2010.


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