Consultancy lawyer for business dissolution


Consultancy lawyer for business dissolution

According to the statistical figures; Every day adding about 300 companies per day. However, similar to that birth, Many enterprises after a period of operation, cannot ensure profits and often go for a burton, so they have to choose to decide to dissolve the enterprise.

What is the dissolution of a business?

The enterprise terminates its existence according to the will of the enterprise or a competent authority on the condition that the enterprise must ensure the payment of all debts and other property obligations (according to the Business Registration Management Department, Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI)).

Why must the business dissolve?

Business dissolution is something no business owner wants. However, when things get rough, Business can close for a certain time, this is the withdraw of enterprise from the market. There are many reasons leading to the dissolution of enterprises, the main reason is still the failure to ensure the State’s obligations such as tax declaration and payment, making accounting books, paid wages for the staff, administrative violations. …

Consultancy lawyer for business dissolution
Consultancy lawyer for business dissolution

Why choose a Private Law Firm to support bankruptcy advice?

Private Law Firm is one of the leading law firms in Vietnam with a team of specialized lawyers with many years of experience and extensive knowledge in Law, Finance, Real Estate, Economics, Commercial, … With the ability to solve jobs quickly, efficiently, and enthusiastically. We will provide useful advice and the best, earliest, safest, and most effective solution suitable for each customer.

Understanding the needs of customers, PRIVATE LAW CO., LTD provides a service “Business dissolution consultation” to help clients troubleshoot:

  • Advice on how to conduct a meeting of the Board of members / the General Meeting of Shareholders of the company on the dissolution of the enterprise;
  • Counseling on how to make a decision on dissolution;
  • Counseling on how to send dissolution notices to relevant organizations and individuals: creditors, persons with related rights, obligations and interests, employees
  • Consulting procedures for publishing dissolution newspaper;
  • Consulting on methods of liquidation of the enterprise’s assets;
  • Advice on tax code closing procedures.
  • Consult about procedures for confirming account closure at the Bank (if any) or commit not to open an account;
  • Advice on seal cancellation procedures and return the seal registration certificate
  • Consulting on procedures for returning the business registration certificate.

With committed powers and responsibilities, PRIVATE LAW CO., LTD with a team of experienced lawyers and leading experts in the field of participation in litigation, litigation representation, personal legal advice and businesses, domestic and foreign investment consulting, business management consulting, … will advise and deal comprehensive customer requirements. We always ensure reasonable consulting service fees, in agreement with the common interests.

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