Tax dispute resolutions


Tax dispute resolutions

Today’s tax disputes and controversy landscape represents a perfect storm of competing factors. The Vietnamese tax authorities are increasing their enforcement efforts and are focusing on business tax compliance and international tax issues such as transfer pricing and VAT on the export of goods/services as well as more traditional areas such as tax incentives and the lack of appropriate supporting documentation.  

Tax audits are becoming more contentious and seemingly increasingly difficult to settle. The provincial tax authorities and the General Department of Tax (GDT) are challenging taxpayers more aggressively due to tax collection demands and at the same time, taxpayers are required to be more transparent and remain fully compliant with an ever changing tax system.  The size of tax exposures are becoming ever more significant and a strategic approach to tax disputes and controversial tax matters is now more important than ever.   

How can companies prepare?

Companies can minimise disruption to their business operations by taking steps to prevent tax disputes, proactively manage them when they arise and resolve them in a timely and favourable manner.  Planning ahead by undertaking a tax risk assessment or ‘health-check’ is a viable strategy for many companies as is a stand-alone technical assessment of specific unclear or contentious areas.

Tax dispute resolutions
Tax dispute resolutions

Why should we choose a Private Law Firm to be tax dispute resolutions ?

With an experienced team of dedicated government liaison and tax disputes specialists which are widely seen as market leaders our team is uniquely qualified to advise taxpayers during each phase of the tax dispute life cycle.  Contact our team today to see how we can help you address unclear or contentious tax matters or assist in your tax audit dispute

Understand customers’ needs, PRIVATE LAW CO., LTD provides a service “Tax dispute resolutions” to help clients troubleshoot the problem:

  • Defence file preparation
  • Strategic risk assessment/mock audits and tax health-checks
  • Assistance in obtaining official letters and rulings
  • Advance pricing agreements
  • Industry issue resolutions
  • Obtaining and interpreting regulations and other guidance
  • Refiling and voluntary disclosures
  • Advisory opinions

With committed powers and responsibilities, PRIVATE LAW CO., LTD with a team of experienced lawyers and leading experts in the field of participation in litigation, litigation representation, personal legal advice and businesses, domestic and foreign investment consulting, business management consulting, … will advise and comprehensively solve customer requirements. We always ensure reasonable consulting service fees, in line with the interests of the parties.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information to be supported and consulted:


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