Vietnam is one of the countries in Southeast Asia that attracts foreign workers


Vietnam is one of the countries in Southeast Asia that attracts foreign workers

The report “Foreign candidates: Expectations and challenges when working in Vietnam” announced by Navigos Group, when asked which is the most desirable workplace in Southeast Asia, 30% of the candidates participated. researchers have selected Vietnam, leading nations in the region. And next Singapore (24%), Thailand (17%), and Malaysia (8%).

In the eyes of candidates, the 3 best things about working in Vietnam concern to live conditions. Specifically, 18% said that Vietnam gives ‘new experiences in work and life’; 17% – have higher incomes than at home and lower costs of operation; 17% said that ‘Vietnam has Political stability and Geographical safety ‘.

Vietnam is one of the countries in Southeast Asia that attracts foreign workers
Vietnam is one of the countries in Southeast Asia that attracts foreign workers

Foreigners working in Vietnam with 3 special benefits including paying the transportation costs – when returning home, come back to Vietnam; housing costs. However, when asked Which benefit is the most important with them? the top 3 most desire for the include health benefits; paid leave and housing costs.

account for more than half of surveyees said that they decided to move to Vietnam because they want to cultural experience and work environment. Accordingly, 25% are interested in Vietnamese culture, 24% want new market experiences.

True to the reason that coming to Vietnam, due to excited about new experiences, foreign candidates don’t have abundant opportunities to be promoted while working here. Only about 25% want to be promoted. Meanwhile, 65% do not expect to be promoted for many reasons such as: being satisfied with their current expert position (27%); just want to work freelance in diverse fields (15%); not serious about promotion, because will soon return home (9%); Experience in Vietnam is a condition for advancement when returning home (6%).

Besides the advantages, half of the foreign applicants feel ‘culture shock’ when coming to Vietnam to work. The top 3 main causes are the language barrier (29%), the difference between expectations and reality (27%), and lack of understanding (18%).

The rating scale for the overall satisfaction of foreign candidates in Vietnam is 3.5 / 5. Of these, 56% said that they were satisfied at different levels. The detailed benefits are rated at satisfaction or above satisfaction.

“In the 4.0 revolution, if we always aim to create a ‘diversified working environment’ and build a ‘cross-cultural corporate culture’, then there is a team of candidates. Highly expatriates should be considered for business. I believe that this is also a stepping stone for Vietnam to better understand the ‘global leadership style’, and at the same time helping FDI enterprises quickly integrate and develop sustainably when investing in Vietnam “, Mr. Gaku Echizenya – General Director of Navigos Group Vietnam said.

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