Asset management and liquidation

Asset management and liquidation


Asset management and liquidation

Private Law Firm is one of the leading law firms in Vietnam with a team of trained qualified, experienced lawyers and has a wide knowledge of Law, Finance, Real Estate, Economics, Commercial, … With the ability to solve jobs quickly, efficiently, and enthusiastically. We combine a team of Managers and legal professionals years of extensive experience in the bankruptcy industry as well as Auditors and Risk Management Specialists who will give you lots of useful pieces and the best solutions, the earliest, safest, and most effective client by client basis. We provide services:

1. Asset management, monitoring of business activities, discarded plant assets of the enterprise, including:

  • Verifying, collecting and managing documents and evidence related to the operation of enterprises;
  • Make a list of assets, a list of creditors, a list of debtors;
  • Preservation of property; prevent the sale or transfer of property without the permission of the Judge; prevent the dispersal of property; maximizing the value of assets of enterprises  when selling and liquidating assets;
  • Supervise the business activities of the enterprises according to the provisions of law;
  • Proposing to the Judge on the sale of assets of the enterprise to cover bankruptcy costs;
  • Selling assets under the judge’s decision to cover bankruptcy costs;
  • Organize the valuation and liquidation of assets by this Law; report to the civil judgment enforcement agency, notify the participants of relevant bankruptcy procedures on the assignment of property liquidation to individuals or organizations;
  • Deposit the proceeds into an account opened by a competent People’s Court or civil judgment enforcement agency at a bank.

2. Representing enterprises or cooperatives in cases where enterprises have no legal representative.

3. Report on the status of assets, liabilities, and operations of the enterprise, participating in the elaboration of the plan to recover the business operation of the insolvency enterprise.

4. Request the Judge to do the following:

  • Collect documents and evidence;
  • Declare the transaction invalid and the decision to recover the assets of the illegal sale or transfer of the enterprise;
  • Imposing temporary emergency measures; application of administrative sanctions; transfer the file to the agency competent to handle criminal by the law;

5. Consulting measures to preserve assets for businesses;

6. Consulting property liquidation procedures;

7. Counseling on plans to recover bad debts;

8. Debt recovery and settlement consulting services:

  • Consulting on debt collection of individuals and organizations;
  • Consulting on completing documents, debt collection measures;
  • Representing customers in debt recovery and settlement;
  • Consulting, buying, and selling bad debts.

With committed powers and responsibilities, PRIVATE LAW CO., LTD with a team of experienced lawyers and leading experts in the field of participation in litigation, litigation representation, personal legal advice and businesses, domestic and foreign investment consulting, business management consulting, … will advise and deal comprehensive customer requirements. We always ensure reasonable consulting service fees, in agreement with the common interests.


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